Access Control Systems On The Gold Coast And Brisbane

Automatic Security Systems has an extensive range of access control products, tailored to suit every application, from your domestic wireless keypad that opens your gate to the integrated card reader system for high-rise buildings.

Access control systems give you a secure way to grant access to multiple people without compromising on safety.

Residential Access Control Systems

Keeping your family safe has never been easier, an access control panel is a great way to take control of your security. There are many benefits including; 

  • Living in a high rise or gated community on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane means that many people will be accessing the same premises. You can give as little or a much access to residents as required. In a high-rise for example, only allowing access to the floor they live assists with privacy and safety.
  • No more fumbling around in your bag for a key whilst carrying the groceries, a residential access control panel means you can simply swipe a card or enter your code for access.

When you want to keep your family safe, access control systems keep you in control of who enters your property.

When It Comes To Commercial Access Control Systems, We Mean Business

Automatic Security Systems gives you the chance to macro manage, not micro manage. You can have eyes on your employees’ access across multiple sites. The benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Access control systems give you exactly that, they give you control over who has access to where. Whilst you might want to give access for employees to enter the building, there may be areas that you want off bounds, an access control system gives you the control to limit access as you see fit.
  • An access control system can give you access to who has accessed a particular room, by keeping a log of access you can ensure any sensitive information is kept safe.
  • You can suspend access to any employee at any given time, so should an employee leave the organisation for any reasons their access is immediately revoked.
  • When you want to keep your business, premises and staff safe, an access control system gives you control over who enters your premises at any time.

The Access Control Specialists On The Gold Coast And In Brisbane

Whether you choose a keypad or card, we have the perfect solution for your needs. An access control system gives you full control over your safety and security. Why not call the access control specialists, we cover Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Call 07 5527 2112 to protect your family, employees and property today.

Automatic Security Systems has the knowledge and expertise to provide what you need at a competitive price.

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