Intercom Systems That Complement Your Gate Automation

Once you’ve installed a swing gate, sliding gate or boom gate on your Gold Coast or Brisbane property, the next thing to consider is an intercom system. Automatic Security Systems have been around since 2003 and we work with only the best brands. Our fully qualified and licensed technicians are here to help you choose which intercom system is the best fit for your purpose.

Intercom Systems Have Evolved

Intercom systems have been around for many years, but they have evolved and progressed to become a great tool in communication, convenience and safety.

Depending on your needs we have a variety of intercom systems ranging from a basic wired front door station to a handset audio only system, to the multi station colour video with pan tilt function that including picture memory for those visitors that call when you are not at home.We are also experience in providing wireless , WIFI and SSM solutions.

With WIFI or SSM technology you can control your intercom system from anywhere in the world; not only can you see who is knocking on the door of your Gold Coast or Brisbane property whilst laying on a beach, but you can let them in if necessary (conditions apply). With an intercom system you have full control, full access and better security.

Who could benefit from an intercom system?

Intercom Systems Are A Cost-Effective Way To Secure Your Property And Control Who Enters

Intercom systems are beneficial for a number of places such as; gated communities, high-rise apartments, car parking stations, company entrances, industrial estates, university campus, shopping centres, hospitals and much more.

Why get an intercom system for your Gold Coast or Brisbane home or business?

  • An intercom system means that you can identify a person before granting them access to your property
  • Once identified you can ‘buzz’ the guest in without the need for a security guard or receptionist.
  • With the option of audio and visual intercom systems, depending on your needs you are able to not just see people that are entering your property but record them as well. Not only would this recording assist in legal proceedings should there be any issues, it will more than likely deter any criminal activity.
  • An intercom system is the perfect way to discourage unwanted guests, such as hawkers, entering your residence or business.

Expertise that comes from experience

Talk to the access control specialists at Automatic Security Systems on the Gold Coast. We have been around since 2003 and we’ve seen the evolution of intercom systems from the very basic to the most cutting-edge technology. We have the expertise to install and tailor a solution that is unique to you.

We're The Access Control Specialists

Call Automatic Security Systems on 07 5527 2112 to see how we can assist you with finding the right intercom system for your needs. We have the most up-to-date intercom technology to complement your gate automation system. We service the Gold Coast to Brisbane, so call for a quote today.

For more information please refer to the manufactures brochures below.

Intercom's - Airphone Range

Single and Multi-Tenant Entry Security System

Audio Handset Entry Intercom

Hands‑Free Video Intercom

Multi-Tenant Entry Security

Video Intercom with PanTilt & Zoom

Door Entry Security with 7" Video Intercom

Hands-free Entry Security

7" Touchscreen Intercom

Intercom's - AES GSM Range

Innovative Security Technology

Advanced GSM Gate Opener

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