The History Of Gates


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Gates have come a long way. In the medieval times, gates were not something that could be seen guarding every house. It was only used by the royals to protect their castles, or at entrances to a province or town. Gradually, with the passage of time, gates were being used by the common people too. Those gates were secured by a latch or a padlock. Latches and padlocks are still widely used around the world.

In the Victorian times, a well decorated and good looking house was a matter of class and social status, so now the presence of gates was not limited to the royals only. Home owners decorated their homes with beautiful tiles, statues, paint, structures, and railing and also had to make sure their gate looked appealing. A gate is the first thing that captures not only a visitor’s attention but also that of a passer-by.

After the world war, gates became more common and could be seen being used by not just the rich, but also by the common people.

In today’s era we have nothing that is untouched by technology. Today we have gates that are operated upon by electrical mechanism, and are known as automated gates. Automated gate systems allow the gates to be opened or closed by a remote, intercom or security code. They are much more reliable, secure and easy to use.

If you are looking to install an automatic gate system for your house in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, get in touch with Automatic Security Systems. We have been involved in the gate automation and access control industry since 2003.

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