What Are The Uses And Benefits Of An Automatic Boom Gate

Boom Gate

Automatic Security Systems has been supplying, installing and repairing automatic boom gates in South East Queensland since 2003. Call 07 5527 2112.

You have most probably passed through an automatic boom gate when you have driven through a toll booth, checkpoint, parking lot etc. These gates are used to control access of vehicles to certain areas as well as to control the flow traffic.

Automatic Boom gates are also known boom barriers. They are more like a bar or a pole rather than an actual gate. It consists of a long arm that lowers automatically to block the path of incoming vehicles. The vehicles are allowed to pass by raising the bar once they present a pass, enter a code or pay a toll.

They are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the arm. In many automatic boom gates the electric motors are connected to the sensors which detect the tickets, card, code etc. in order to permit access.

Applications Of Boom Gates

  1. They are commonly seen at parking areas. It enables them to restrict vehicular access until the owners of those vehicles pay a fee. They are required to present the tickets that they had received after paying the fee before leaving the area in order to make the boom gates rise to exit.
  2. They are present in restricted areas. Here the drivers must present an ID, swipe an access card etc. to get the gates open.
  3. They are very useful for traffic calming. Such as, preventing thorough traffic to access a street to allow an ambulance to pass through. This enables emergency services to reach needy people more quickly.

Automatic Boom gates are simple, reliable, easy to install and easy to maintain. Automatic Security Systems has been supplying, installing and repairing boom gates in South East Queensland since 2003. We can assist you with all your pedestrian and vehicle control gate requirements. Our automatic boom gates come with features such as electromechanical systems with non-reversible geared motor, built-in control unit featuring ODS (obstacle detection system) etc.

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