Places To Install A Boom Gate

Boom Gate

Automatic Security Systems, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast can help you choose the perfect security gate that you need for your property. Call 07 5527 2112.

A boom gate is also known as a barrier gate. A boom gate is actually a pivoted bar that will allow or restrict vehicular access through a controlled point. Boom gates are found at level crossings, draw bridges, parking facilities, toll booths etc. They are usually seen being used for controlling traffic but you can use them for security too. You can approve or deny entry to vehicles entering your property based on their credentials. You can also monitor and record the registration details of every single vehicle that enters or leaves your property.

Here are 3 places where installing a boom gate will be very beneficial to you in case you haven’t installed it yet:

  1. Parking Area: If you are fortunate to have a vehicle accessible space located at a busy area, then you can turn this into a very good business. You can turn your boom gate into a ticket system boom gate where the people who use your parking will have to pay for their parking time when they leave the space.
  2. Garage: You can restrict the entry of unknown and unidentified vehicles with the help of a boom gate in your garage. This can tighten the security of your building by denying entry to any suspicious vehicles.
  3. Camp Sites: If you are in charge of the security at a camp site, then it is time to suggest the authorities the installation of a boom gate. This will help them maintain the security measures more tightly at their business site.


Call Automatic Security Systems at 07 5527 2112 for more details about boom gates. We are based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and can help you choose the perfect security gate that you need for your property.

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