Which One Is Better For Your House: Swing Gate Or Slide Gate?

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The gate that you choose for your home depends on many things such as infrastructure, space, physical restrictions, maintenance, ground slope, aesthetics, budget etc. Here are a few features and characteristics of swing gates and slide gates to help you decide the right one for your home.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are available in two types: single swing gates and double swing gates. Single swing gates are comparatively more reasonable than double swing gates. It needs only one automatic opener and half the hardware (bolts, hinges etc.) compared to a double gate. However, the advantage of a double gate is the advantage of space. A 12 feet single gate will need 12 feet of space behind it for swinging, whereas a 12 feet double gate will need only 6 feet.

If you are looking for something at a lower budget then single swing gates are a great option. If budget isn’t a problem and you are looking forward to saving space, which will also provide an aesthetic appeal, then go for double swing gates.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are perfect for small spaces where room for the swing gates to open isn’t available. A sliding gate at a parking lot or garage allows more parking space. Sliding gates are very secure as they cannot be forced open once they are closed and locked onto a fixed post. They are not affected by wind as swing gates are. Slide gates work best for larger driveways. Overall, sliding gates give more advantages than swinging gates.

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