Wireless Intercom Or Wired Intercom? Which One Is Better For You?


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An intercom is a device that is used for one way or two way communication. It makes our daily tasks much simpler and easier. For example, you can verify who’s knocking at the door by communicating through the intercom before letting your visitor in, and if you have a large house you can call each other through the intercom instead of walking around. These are just a few things an intercom allows you to do.

Depending on your needs and requirement, you can choose between wireless intercoms or wired intercom systems. Read the details to know which one suits best for you.

Wired Intercom

A wired intercom will have wires running between the outdoor panels and the indoor units. There is no chance to have any interference from radio or electrical signals from other devices. They offer a lower long term cost and does not give you the hassle of frequent battery changes. If possible, it is suggested to complete the wiring while the building is being built or renovated in case you are looking for security systems at that very moment. These can also be connected through the phone or computer system in case you are looking for remote monitoring. It will work very well with medium or large sized business or homes.

Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercoms have gained a lot of popularity. It is a telephone entry system, fitted at the entrance to apartments, buildings, houses or next to an entrance. The biggest advantage that wireless intercom provides is that of mobility. They are comparatively quick to install, provides easier reach to inaccessible locations, can be quickly and easily extended in case the business extends too, can be connected with other wireless systems. It can also be connected through a phone or computer for remote monitoring.

Call Automatic Security Systems at 07 5527 2112 on the Gold Coast if you want to know more about how to update your security systems at home or at your business site.

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